Professional Growth – Reflections 2014

This is my second year of posting my end of year professional growth reflections on my blog (last year’s post is here), and my 14th year of using four categories to frame my thinking:
1. character;
2. community;
3. creativity;
4. competence.

I have completed 1 1/2 years as mathematics consultant for my school district, and I have found the relationships with teachers, administrators, and students to again be the most significant in influencing my growth in all four areas. Conversations are the lifeblood of education, and it is this qualitative data that consistently pushes me to strive to become better.

Though last year I spent a good deal of time reflecting through words, this year I find my reflections gravitating towards four key people – and four key quotes from those people. It is these quotes that I will share as my year-end reflection, as I contemplate beginning the new year as principal of Oakenwald School.





Wishing you all a reflective, relaxing, and rejuvenating summer.


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One Response to Professional Growth – Reflections 2014

  1. Philippe Le Dorze says:

    J’aime toutes tes citations, surtout celle de DP.
    Bon succés l’année prochaineTanis!
    Une perte pour nous à Program, un gain incommensurable pour Oakenwald!

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