Marvelous #Math Monday 05-26-2014

Engagement: Ever wonder about time-keeping and calendars, and how they progressed historically? Do your students wonder about this? Use the image below of a 400 year old seasonal calendar kept at Harvard to explore what questions you and your students may have (picture source @john_overholt):

If “the timing’s not right” for this engaging activity (see what I did there?), ask your students how much one million dollars weighs – have them brainstorm how they might go about determining an estimate for the answer. Once they’ve got their solutions mapped out, show them this YouTube video on one individual’s attempt at estimating an answer to this question.

Critical Thinking: What will the population of Earth look like in the next 3 to 50 years? Use the infographic below (courtesy The Economist) and ask your students what questions they have – what will Canada look like? What will the world need to do to support this population? Follow up with a video like this YouTube video on population growth (5 minutes).

Connections: Lots of what we do with “everyday mathematics” involves estimations. What estimation questions would you have if you were part of this weekend’s Blue Jays line-up outside Rogers Centre? What estimation questions would you have if you were a food vendor at this weekend’s Blue Jays game? What estimation questions would you have if you were a police officer? (photo source @BlueJays official Twitter account)

Ressources en Français: On peut utiliser des idées et des images ci-dessus pour explorer estimation et plus de concepts avec tes élèves. 🙂


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