Marvelous #Math Monday 05-12-2014

Engagement: Try using to start your class! Type in a number, and the site searches the internet for all the “fascinating mathematical facts” about this number. Great conversation starter – it leads you to all sorts of vocabulary in mathematics, including “evil” and “happy” numbers.  (In honour of today being Manitoba Day, celebrating 144 years, start with that number!)

Critical Thinking: Have you or your students explored the site? There are all sorts of problems for critical thinking in all areas of mathematics – one problem laden with concepts such as geometry, integers, fractions, and vocabulary can be found here.

Connections: Google Earth is not just for social studies explorations! There’s a lovely site of GELessons for all subject areas, including Exploring Time Zones and Extreme Triangles that lets your students see Google Earth through a mathematical lens while making connections to geography, science, and the environment.

Professional Learning: Professor Jo Boaler from Stanford University is once again offering a free online course “How to Learn Math”. It opens up in June and remains open until December 2014. Her work on the learning of mathematics and teaching growth mindsets is known and respected worldwide. This course is well worth the time and effort to sign up. I will be setting up a PLC to support processing time and discussion for divisional participants, details forthcoming soon. In the meantime, I would encourage you to register here for the free course.

Ressources en Français: Comment est-ce qu’on utilise des fractions en musique? On peut découvrir ici, et aussi on peut découvrir un peu de la philosophie de Pythagore!


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