Marvelous #Math Monday (on Tuesday) 04-29-14

Engagement: Are you on Twitter or Instagram? Or do you enjoy taking/using pictures for student engagement and learning? May has a #mathphotoaday challenge going on! This challenge is based on grade 3 outcomes, but is easily adapted (based on the pictures your students take) to almost any grade level! Join in, follow along, and at the end of the challenge there will be a great collection of photo resources!


As Leyton Schnellert shared with grades 9-12 teachers on Friday, activating background knowledge is the top research based strategy to guarantee comprehension in any content area. Use these photos as an opportunity to draw out what students know about a topic before teaching something new!

Critical Thinking: If you’re having students participate in the #mathphotoaday Instagram and Twitter challenge, I encourage you to have your students discuss what good participation looks like – what good digital citizenship looks like. There are two great posters online that help promote that thinking, one for elementary grades and one for middle-senior grades.

As Leyton Schnellert discussed with grades 9-12 teachers on Friday, metacognition (thinking about your thinking) is the 2nd most important research based strategy to guarantee comprehension in any content area. Use “think alouds” (teacher articulates what (s)he is thinking while solving a problem) to model metacognition for students. Use “turn and talk” (students in pairs) to regularly have students explain their thinking to each other.

Connections: Content area literacy is crucial to success of students – not just in mathematics! Reading a mathematics “text” (picture, graph, chart, problem, textbook, etc) is very different from reading other text. Support content area literacy through the use of strategies laid out in Cathy Marks Krpan’s book “math expressions” (all Middle Years Numeracy team members have received a copy). There is some companion content online to support the use of the book with students.

Ressources en Français: Si vous voulez participer à la # mathphotoaday Instagram ou Twitter enjeu, et vous voulez enseigner la Citoyenneté Numérique, vous pouvez utiliser ce site basé au Québec!


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