Marvelous #Math Monday 04-21-2014 #EAL

Last week I had the opportunity to be involved with the MTS Awakening Possibilities conference – two days of incredibly informative, fast-paced PD with a technology focus. This week’s Monday email is a compilation of the top SEVEN resources that were highlighted during a few sessions that are applicable to supporting ALL learners through differentiation, but most definitely support EAL learners more specifically.

1. Translator app that takes your English words and translates them into another language: Explore Vocre! Have you ever been frustrated trying to convey meaning to parents of EAL learners (or EAL learners themselves) and wish you could speak their language? Vocre lets you speak into a microphone and it take those words and pushes the sound back out in the language chosen by the receiving person (typed on screen). There are EAL support people in other divisions who speak to the accuracy and usefulness of this app! Supports 66 different languages.

2. Multilingual eGlossary of math terms and formulas: Explore Glencoe’s eGlossary! Select the language and then choose a letter for terms, OR select a language and click “formulas” for a list of frequently used math formulas and phrases in the selected language. 13 languages supported (including Tagalog, Spanish, and Chinese.)

3. Vocabulary sifted and sorted and made interactive: Explore WordSift! This site lets you copy and paste text into a window and click “sift”. It then sorts for important and frequently used words, making them clickable links to images and video to support vocabulary understanding.

4. Game-based learning and classroom response: Explore Kahoot! Create and play quizzes, discussions or even surveys (which we call Kahoots) using any device with a web browser… including a laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Chromebook, Windows Phone or PC and more

5. Online “bulletin board”: Explore Padlet! This site requires an account/log in commitment, but it is free and once you create your account you can search already created padlets.

6. Interactive photos with sound: Explore Fotobabble! Students can use this to make a photo interactive – have them practice the language tied to the image.

7. Rich, distilled text – can you convey meaning in six words?: Explore Six Word Stories! Have your students create their own six word math stories, tie this into key vocabulary!


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