Marvelous #Math Monday 03-24-2014

April is Mathematics Awareness Month (in the U.S. – but excellent resources available!) This post focuses on this year’s theme of Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery! Check the MathAware website daily in April for one new game and video posted daily!

Engagement: Warning – this “2048” online puzzle is incredibly addictive! Join the tiles to double numbers – how long does it take you to get to the number 2048? (SY students – make the connection to logarithms and exponents with this game!) Want a different take on the theme? Try “2584” – the Fibonacci version of this game!

Critical Thinking: Here’s a true Mystery Math game. Have your students play against the computer to have it guess their secret number. Then have them discuss what’s going on and how the computer could guess correctly: what’s the *math* involved?

Connections: Here’s a collection of 22 Math “magic tricks”. Can your students make the connection between the magic and the mathematics behind it? *NOTE*: these tricks have Java applets embedded in order to see the tricks and how they work. The mathematics involved is from simple arithmetic to complex number theory.

Professional Learning: Greg Tang is offering a workshop through MAMT on August 19th – fractions focus for grades 4-7. This is a key understanding for our middle years students – one that requires hands on exploration for deeper learning. A great opportunity if you are able to attend in August!

Ressources en Français: On peut jouer « 2048 » ou « 2584 » en français ou en anglais…simplement, on doit doubler les nombres jusqu’en 2048. (Pour le jeu « 2584 », on doit savoir la séquence de Fibonacci.) Combien de temps faut-il pour faire 2048 ou 2584?


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