Marvelous #Math Monday 02-24-2014

Engagement: Paper folding! (It’s more mathematical and challenging than you may think!) Check out this incredible collection of paper folding activities from the simplest tetrahedron to the challenging seventh stellation of an icosahedron. Gorgeous!

Critical Thinking: I Love to Read Month is in its final week – have you read a math-related book yet? Don’t know where to start or what’s out there? I’ve begun to compile a list of math-related books on this Math & Literature Google doc. There are links to curricular strands and grade levels, lesson plans, and resources en français. Slowly but surely, more will be added along with QR code resources. (SY teachers – have you read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”? Great novel that reflects an autistic teen with many mathematical sub-themes, including the chapter numbers.)

Connections: Have you been to the Math + Art installation at the Winnipeg Art Gallery yet? There are great activities available there for individuals and groups, easily carried into the math classroom. Don’t have time to scoot to the Winnipeg Art Gallery? Try using this Piet Mondrian Activity to explore perimeter, area, and fractions with your students.

Ressources en Français: J’ai commencé à compiler une liste des livres mathématiques à ce Math & Literature Google doc. On a des liens pour des lecons *en français!* et, lentement mais surement, je vais ajouter des ressources de code QR.


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