Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Math: Part 1

There are so many quality resources available to mathematics teachers of any grade level that incorporate the Aboriginal perspective into lessons, units, videos, activities. So many to choose from, in fact, that I will be starting a series of posts on what’s out there and how teachers might utilize these resources. Each post in the series will highlight three resources: the first two resources are math-specific, the third is cross-curricular. This post will be Part 1 in the series.

The Healthy Aboriginal Network:
This is a non-profit organization based out of British Columbia. They have an incredible collection of comic books for teens, including various titles focused on health. There are math-related comic books too, which can be used with high school students:

the Game Plan
(“The Game Plan” resource is also available en francais.)

Gambling Awareness2

First Nations Education Resources
The webmaster of this blog is Anishinaabe Treaty 9, and the resources for mathematics which she highlights support grades 4 and 6 students. She collects resources that have Aboriginal focus from all content areas. She highlights the work of the University of Regina, where there are ready-made lesson plans for all four strands of the curriculum: Shape and Space, Number, Patterns and Relationships, and Statistics and Probability.
Grade 4 Resources

This site says they provide “bias-free teaching and educational resources related to Native American, First Nations, Indigenous and Aboriginal studies”. There are some wonderful books, ebooks, and teacher resources to peruse on their site. Check out their “First Nations Community Read 2013” collection as a starting point.


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  1. dianeatkins says:

    I will look forward to your upcoming posts. I am sure your posts will be interesting and engaging like this one is. I did not know there were any math-related comic books. These books must be interesting for both the students and teachers.

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