Olympic Edition! Marvelous #Math Monday 02-03-2014

Engagement: This week’s collection of links focuses on the mathematics of the Olympics. Yummy Math has a collection of videos tied to the Sochi Olympic Torch run, with accompanying activities to calculate the cost of torches, how far the flame travels, conversion from Russian rubles, and potential profit if all runners purchase their torches. Check out the “Winter Olympic Torch Trip” collection!

Or – as a very loose tie to the Olympics, see how many basic math questions you and your students can answer correctly at the Math Olympics website.

Critical Thinking: As is typically the case before any Olympic event begins, predictions abound regarding who will win what, and how many medals individuals and countries will earn. For an article that explores one method of Olympic medal predictions, check out this Physics.Org article. Pair this with the ABCTeach activity to track actual medals won during the Olympics and determine how closely the predictions came to actual medals won.

Connections: The National Science Foundation has created a wonderful video series tied to the Sochi Olympics that explores the Science and Engineering of Olympics 2014. Slopestyle skiing, half pipe engineering, injury and recovery time, the science behind the making of ice for various venues, and more selections (all approximately 5 minutes long) can be found at their Olympics 2014 video page.

Ressources en Français: Si tu veux un activité pour les Olympiques d’hiver, on peut utiliser ces pages créés par quelqu’un de Québec. Les élèves doivent être membres du comité organisateur, et doivent dessiner le plan d’un site olympique en respectant certaines consignes. Merveilleux!

Le site web « maths et tiques » a un collection des bonnes blagues de matheux ici. On peut les utiliser pour les discussions, ou pour encourager tes élèves de créer des blagues de matheux eux-mêmes.



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