Marvelous #Math Monday 01-27-14

Engagement: This week’s collection of links focuses on Shape and Space. Research shows that this is the area everyone tends to spend the least amount of time on, BUT it’s the area that can reach our at-risk and disengaged students most effectively! Plus, embedding Patterns and Relations into Shape and Space helps students make the connections and think more deeply. Check out ProtoZone’s collection of online web explorations of patterns, 3D constructions, games and puzzles, and “art machines” for a great starting place to explore Shape and Space online! *Note*: this collection requires use of Adobe Shockwave Player! ) (Potential MB outcomes touched on while exploring ProtoZone’s collection: all of grades 5-9 Shape and Space outcomes…depending on which activities, and how many of them, your students choose)

Critical Thinking: You may have seen photos of the work of English artist Simon Beck’s footprints snow art, but have you considered using it in a three act math task? First act: “What questions do you have?” (So many possibilities here, from time it takes to number of footprints to how big is it to….). Second act: Commit with your class to exploring the answer to at least one question together, and go deeper into the mathematics behind it. Third act: don’t forget to ensure that you have a final agreed-upon answer together! Fourth act…create your own? (Potential 5-9 MB outcomes touched on while exploring snow art: 5SS2, 5SS7, 5PR1, 6SS3, 6SS4, 6SS5, 6SS6, 6SS7, 6PR3, 7SS1, 7PR1, 8SS6, 9SS3, 9SS4, 9SS5)

Connections: Do you know what a Menger Sponge is? Did you know that students as young as grade 5, and as old as grade 12, can explore the mathematics behind Menger sponges? Dr. Jeannine Mosely has a great set of pictures, process, and downloadable instructions for how to build one. As well, Jim Wilder (US gr.4 teacher) shares how his students worked through 3D math and vocabulary to build a playing-card Menger Sponge. (Potential 5-9 MB outcomes touched on while exploring Menger Sponges: 5SS3, 5SS5, 5PR1, 6SS3, 6PR3, 8SS2, 8SS4, 8SS5, 8SS6, 9SS2, 9SS5)

Ressources en Français: Beaucoup des explorations interactives à ProtoZone ont le minimum d’instructions (en anglais). Je voudrais vous encourager à explorer la collection avec vos élèves, et vous pouvez traduire les brèves instructions en français!


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