Marvelous #Math Monday 01-13-14

Engagement: Mathigon’s “Panorama: Applications of Mathematics” site is a gorgeous layout of dozens of real life applications of … mathematics. Whether you delve into the details of the application, or you merely use the images and videos at the website to spark an engaging discussion with your students about what questions they have, it’s a great conversation starter to hook students’ interest!

Critical Thinking: Ted Ed has a growing collection of “Math in Real Life” videos with lesson plans. Have you checked them out lately? It now includes lessons on using math to navigate at sea (grade 9+; beginnings of logarithms), the math of online dating (grade 7+; probability), folding paper to get you to the moon (grade 5+; algebra), and the ever-popular “How to Defeat a Dragon with Math” (grade 5+; number sense).

Connections: Walking students through the calculations of individual probability, leading up to compound probability, can be an arduous task – but definitely gets them interested if we’re talking about winning $400 million dollars! Yummy Math has well-laid out lesson on Powerball (similar to our lottery in that there are six numbers to win it). Suitable for grades 6-10!

Professional Learning: For those of you teaching grades 4-6 who are either on the brink of, or in the middle of, teaching division – there’s a great blog post from a father engaging in a conversation about division with his son. Worth the read, as the father lists the different ways of thinking about division. Lovely! (And actually, his blog is titled “Talking Math with Kids” – great posts tracking his mathematical conversations with his children!)

Ressources en Français: On a un épisode de la série « Petits contes mathématiques » « le zéro » qui présente l’histoire du zéro. On a des autres épisodes dans la série aussi : « le x », par exemple, seulement quatre minutes! Cree par France TV Éducation, on a plus de ressources mathématiques ici – ne pas oublier que ces ressources sont a partir de France!


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