Marvelous #Math Monday 01-06-14

Engagement: Want a website that generates random math questions for students to answer in under a minute without the use of a calculator? Want the ability to choose grade and topic level? Want it all for free? Well, as long as you realize this site is meshed with the US Common Core (subtract 1 for approximate matching Manitoba grade level), check out A+ Click. Topics include basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, logic, analysis, “Olympiad” questions, and more!

Critical Thinking & Connections: John Scammell is building a high-school website full of resources for mathematics courses (and links it to WNCP curriculum and the Alberta curriculum, so it meshes quite well with our Manitoba curriculum!). Check out “WNCP Orchestrated Experiences for High School Math”. Want something for middle years? Check out this collection of grade 8 Manitoba math resources created by a Manitoba teacher!

Professional Learning: There’s a great collection and summary of 2013 mathematics education research can be found at David Wees’ blog. Worth reading!

Ressources en Français: « m@ths et tiques » a un collection des problèmes ouverts, classés selon le niveau minimum pour lequel ils peuvent être proposes. Le collection a des problèmes pour les niveaux 1-6, mais on peut les utiliser pour les niveaux 1-9.


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