Marvelous #Math Monday 12-16-13

Engagement: You’ve probably seen Kid Snippets before, but this video is worth another look! “Math Class” is all about teaching basic facts…and oh my goodness is this a hilarious video! Two minutes in length – great conversation starter about teaching someone else for understanding!

Critical Thinking: PISA questions are designed to assess the critical thinking an applications abilities of 15 year old students worldwide. For a sample of PISA questions and answers, click here. Though the questions are designed for 15 year old students, perhaps you can use them for students aged 14-18 to promote discussion about critical thinking and applications in mathematics!

Connections: If you haven’t checked out, this week might be the perfect week to do so. Days 63 through 74 have estimation activities revolving around holiday themes, including tree height and lights, bows in packages, Rockefeller Centre estimation, and capacity of a sleigh! Check it all out here!

Ressources en Français: Si tu veux voir quelques questions de PISA, on peut les voir ici. PISA est pour les étudiant(e)s de 15 ans, mais peut-être on peut utiliser ces questions pour un discussion entre les étudiant(e)s de 14 à 18 ans?


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