Marvelous #Math Monday 12-02-13

Next week is Computer Science Education Week – and the Hour of Code – so this week features resources focused on coding and connections to mathematics!

Engagement: What is coding? How does it connect to mathematics? Explore the K-8 activities at the Tynker website, and check out the grades 4-8 “Math Art” activity they have. Tynker has many tutorials where students solve a series of simple puzzles that introduce coding concepts (each one hour long or less). They can also use the Tynker site to build their own game!

Have students in grades 9-12? Check out the “App Inventor” website collection of videos, resources and one hour lesson plans through MIT. This site gives your students opportunities to create three different apps, following step by step instructions while learning coding and connections to mathematics.

Want just a simple video introducing coding? Check out the Code.Org collection of videos (ranging from 1 minute to 9 minutes in length), with clips from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, and Chris Bosh.

Critical Thinking: Microsoft Research’s Touch Develop has created some tutorials on making apps for any device (iDevice, android, BB, etc). Check out the “Make your own app” collection, which has four activities each less than half an hour in length. Then use the collection of posters from Code.Org and the “Why Computer Science” document to spark discussions about how coding and computer science connect to mathematics.

Connections: If you don’t have access to any devices, but want to spend an hour exploring coding with your students, try this ready-made activity “My Robotic Friends”. The lesson plan includes instructions, a list of materials (cups, note cards, pencils), and variations on the lessons for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7+. Explore the patterns within coding with your students – with or without a device!

Have a device? Use Scratch to explore coding and create a holiday card! Usable on any browser, this Scratch lesson plan walks you through one hour of coding to create something your students can give away.

Ressources en Français: Si tu veux une programme d’activités d’éveil pour les élèves à partir de l’école primaire (1-8) pour l’enseignement codage, on a une version française de « Computer Science Unplugged ». On ne doit pas avoir des ordinateurs pour utiliser des activités! Merveilleux!

On a aussi “Light Bot”, un jeu de puzzle de programmation. On peut jouer en francais et créé un app!


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