Marvelous #Math Monday 11-25-13

Engagement: The Integration of Math and Life video on Youtube is a brilliant collection of short clips from real life, with mathematical equations and graphs layered on top of the video. Pause at any point during the 2 ½ minute video to have students explore the mathematics behind the situations – from time management to speed and travel to parabolic motion, there are tidbits for both Middle Years and Senior Years mathematicians!

Critical Thinking: The “Math Fail” blog has posted a fascinating look at the world’s population by latitude and longitude. Though the data is from 2000, this is a very different visual for population. Have students explore the images and ask them what questions they have. YummyMath also has this infographic with two added statements about them (“More fun with numbers! Roughly 88% of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere, and about half the world’s population lives north of 27°N. Taking the northern and southern hemispheres together, on average the world’s population lives 24 degrees from the equator.”) Have students explore those statements – are they true? How could you conclude this from the graphs?

Connections: Because I follow @historecipes on Twitter, I sometimes come across some fascinating history of food items. Take a look at one of the tweets they made of a Delmonico’s restaurant menu from 1899. What a great way to incorporate the idea of inflation, ratios, proportions, and percentages – have your students find a menu item from 1899, find the 2013 price for the same menu item, and do some mathematics!

Professional Learning: Heads-up, mathematicians! There is an absolutely fantabulously awesome opportunity coming up during the week of December 9-13th! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn to code? Have your students asked if they could learn to code? Well, now’s your chance to learn together because there are multiple events going on during the Computer Science Education Week including the Hour of Code! During that week (Dec.9-13), I will be sending one email per day with one idea about Coding – videos, what to do if you want to code but don’t have a computer/device, etc. Look for it – activities for “ages 6-106” available already online!

Ressources en Français: « Voici est une visualisation interactive plutôt intéressante car elle représente sur une carte les appareils mobiles qui servent à envoyer des messages sur Twitter. Vous le savez peut-être, il y a plusieurs millions de tweets publiés chaque jour et la majeure partie se fait depuis un smartphone. » Geoffrey Dorne a beaucoup d’autres exemples des visualisations interactives – peut-être on peut les utiliser dans la classe des maths!


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