Marvelous #Math Monday 11-18-13

Engagement: Did you know that November is Picture Book Month? Check out the Picture Book Month site for some ideas, and check out the goodreads math picture books collection for great ways to incorporate literacy and numeracy in an engaging way. Two of my favourites are “One Grain of Rice” (gorgeous imagery for exponential concept!) and “The Day Anthony Counted to a Googol” (place value and big numbers!).

Critical Thinking: Ontario has just activated their “MathIES” website (Math Interactive Electronic Supports). Explore their collection of online games, learning tools, and parent supports. In particular, check out their “Activities” page which includes some critical concepts such as fractions, integers, linear patterns, and trigonometric functions. There are multiple activities within each of these concepts online, through their “Student CLIPS” (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports”, online lessons with feedback for students. Still in its early stages, CLIPS could become better with time.

Connections: For those of you who love rollercoasters, check out the Annenberg Learner collection of lessons on Amusement Park Physics. Useful for grades 8-12, and great if you have a science teacher team up with you (or if you teach both mathematics and science to your students), it incorporates the concepts of fractions, rational numbers, graphing skills, algebraic equations within the context of friction, kinetic energy, and gravity. If that doesn’t inspire you, check out their huge collection of lesson plans for K-12 levels and find many opportunities to incorporate science, social studies, arts, and literature with mathematics. Note – this is a resource created in the United States, so the grade levels are not a perfect match to ours. But the wealth of unit plans and possibilities are amazing!

Professional Learning: You may want to take some time to read Bill 12, which has gone through the 1st reading in our Legislature. Bill 12 is the “Community Schools Act” which sets up legislation to support schools within low socio-economic areas to become a hub wherein many supports are offered. Not yet through second reading or Royal Assent, but it’s on the docket in our Legislature.

Ressources en Français: Saviez-vous que Novembre est le mois des livres-photos? J’aime utiliser des livres pour engager des élèves en mathématiques. Un livre que j’aime est « Une si petite graine », parce qu’on a un peu de science aussi dans cet livre. Quel livre aimez-vous pour utiliser avec des étudiants?


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