Lucy West Math PD

Lucy West Math PD

A collection of my tweets from two days of professional development with Lucy West (

  1. Spending the next two days at the Dept of Ed with Lucy West leading sessions for provincial numeracy leaders.
  2. “Speak out, speak up, say what’s on your mind and let’s work together.”. L. West
  3. Here’s the overview for the next two days from Lucy West. #mbmath
  4. “We generally work in silos.” L. West …not if we’re using social media to connect. #mbmath
  5. Q from the crowd: How do we move people towards risk-taking behaviour? #mbmath
  6. My Q: How can our provincial numeracy leaders leverage technology to network and grow together? #mbmath
  7. Next portion of day focusing on learning: How do we create a learning culture in which people become public and reflective learners? #mbmath
  8. “It’s the conversations you’re not having that are perpetuating the things you’re trying to change.” L.West #mbmath
  9. “You cannot change things unless you think differently about what you are trying to change.” L.West #mbmath
  10. Are we ready for the 21st C (despite the fact that we’re over 10% done!) #mbmath
  11. “We see what we believe, we don’t believe what we see. We have to get past our own biases.” L.West #mbmath
  12. “How do we unlearn judgemental habits and learn descriptive habits?” L. West #mbmath
  13. 3 ways to improve student learning at scale (L. West) #mbmath
  14. West saying textbook, drill/kill, “answer in 3 seconds” teaching methods are “archaic”. #mbmath
  15. Discussion of deeper thinking and conceptual understanding/development as crucial to mathematical growth and student learning. #mbmath
  16. “We confuse math practice as problem solving.” L.West #mbmath
  17. “The one thing that prevents us from moving forward as organizations is the inability/prevention of people to speak up.” L.West #mbmath
  18. “If you can ‘cover’ your learning objective in 40 minutes, it’s not important enough a concept to focus on.” L.West #mbmath
  19. “Stop worrying about the right answer & focus on reasoning. This is the most important shift that needs to happen in math.” L.West #mbmath
  20. Starting 2nd day of provincial Numeracy Leaders workshops with L. West. #mbmath
  21. “If you know your purpose, the format of your class will follow.” L. West #mbmath
  22. “If your students are living off a diet of worksheets or workbooks, they’re malnourished.” L.West #mbmath
  23. “Move from a ‘yeah but’ to ‘I wonder how’ learning stance.” L.West #mbmath
  24. “Beyond right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” L.West quoting Rumi #mbmath
  25. “It’s everyone’s job to ensure that effective instruction is happening in every classroom.” L.West #mbmath
  26. “Accountable talk includes accountability to: community, content, reasoning employed in that domain.” L.West #mbmath
  27. “When classes are conversational, achievement gains double.” L.West quoting R.Allington #mbmath
  28. “Good teaching has cognitive pace, not organizational pace.” L.West quoting Alexander #mbmath
  29. “The making of mistakes in front of other children is intrinsic to learning, not shameful or embarrassing.” L.West #mbmath
  30. “Rich tasks and problems allow for each student to become engaged, but the concepts are ‘high ceiling’.” L. West #mbmath
  31. “Mathematics is about concepts and ideas, not procedures.” L.West #mbmath
  32. “How indiv confront each other, discuss concerns, hold each other accountable is the most crucial variable in implementing change.” #mbmath
  33. “Have you made it safe for others – students, colleagues, leaders – to speak up to you?” L.West #mbmath
  34. “Helping each other talk about critical personal barriers is crucial to implementing change.” L.West #mbmath
  35. “Code of silence – if you can’t talk about it, it will never go away.” L.West #mbmath
  36. “Changes in behaviour are preceded by public discourse. Without public discourse, change will not occur.” L.West #mbmath
  37. “The most important behaviour to influence is the willingness and capacity to SPEAK UP skillfully and truthfully.” L.West #mbmath
  38. “What % of your time is spent in systematic and intentional actions with others to implement change?” L.West #mbmath
  39. “How do our habits, traditions, present systems prevent us from moving forward?” L.West #mbmath
  40. “Coherence versus Uniformity – balance accountability with permission to experiment in order to innovate.” L.West #mbmath
  41. @NCTM: @LindaGojak‘s slide from #NCTMVegas: ‘It’s Raining Rich Problems!’” what we talked about at #mbmath w/ L.West

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