Marvelous #Math Monday 10-28-13

Engagement: For an online math facts stress test (of sorts), see how many levels you and your students can complete of “You Can’t Do Simple Math Under Pressure”. As you complete levels, the length of time decreases and the graphics become more…urgent. 🙂

And if you’d like another estimation video (but CAUTION there are answers within so don’t forget to pause if you use this with students!), check out the “How Well Can You Guesstimate” video on Youtube. It has some interesting estimations (beer and a Frisbee? Who asks these questions?!), so I’d recommend watching before sharing with your class.

Critical Thinking: In time for Hallowe’en, Yummy Math has come up with another candy-related exploration. Check out “Deals on Candy” to explore whether or not the various big bags of candy that we so often see on sale this week are actually good deals (or not!). The activity uses the concepts of unit rate, money (decimals!), and the overarching processes of reasoning, problem solving, and visualization.

Connections: NASA has a lovely website called “Space Math”. Richard Byrne reviewed the math lessons there, and highlighted that the grades 6-8 resources might be more engaging with the video component (most lessons are pdfs, but the gr.6-8 collection includes videos.) Contained within this collection are large whole number explorations watching satellite video clips, and decimals introduced through videos of the Cassini mission to Saturn. (I highly recommend this collection for those of you teaching both MY math and science, a great resource to do cross-curricular explorations!)

Professional Learning: How were your sessions at the 2013 Special Area Group for Educators conference on Friday? We are fortunate to have the opportunity to take one day across the province as teachers to come together, meet, and focus on professional development as a community of teachers. Take some time to reflect on your learning, and join the newly-formed #mbedchat on Twitter this Wednesday at 9pm to discuss your SAGE 2013 highlights! This chat will occur every Wednesday at 9pm starting this week! For a great introduction to what Twitter Chats are, how to participate (or lurk) in one, check out this EdTech journal post.

Ressources en Français: On peut voir le vidéo « La beauté des mathématiques » (moins de 2 minutes). On a des mots par Bertrand Russell en anglais dans le premier portion du vidéo, mais le reste est seulement des images et formules et applications – ça peut être pour la discussion en classe?


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  1. Sandi Ferguson says:

    ‘Deals on Candy’ was an engaging exploration for my Grade 5 students. Once again, I witnessed ALL students coming to the discussion prepared to listen and to share their ideas and reasoning. Thanks for sharing Tanis.

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