Marvelous #Math Monday 10-21-2013

Engagement: For an incredibly unique look at representing the world through art and mathematics, take a look at Arthur Buxton’s collection of artwork. It’s a fascinating collection displaying colour trends and graphical imagery.

Critical Thinking: So many mathematical concepts are trapped within the images of the “Would You Rather” blog collection. Encourage students’ abilities to explain their thinking and use mathematics vocabulary by explaining which one of the two choices they would make in a particular image and why.

Connections: Mathalicious has come out with another new lesson, this time focusing on rates, ratios, and proportions. They connect it to sustainability and fuel economy as students explore their “Need for Speed”. Check it out!

Professional Learning: Tuesday October 22nd offers two marvelous and unique learning opportunities. Join Winnipeg math lovers for the monthly Math Jam at The Round Table 7pm for some exploration of games, puzzles and the math behind it. And if you can’t make it out of the house but are near a computer, join Robert Kaplinsky online for a discussion of Problem Based Learning in Math through the Global Math Department’s offerings!

Ressources en Français: Juste pour rire, voici est une bande dessinée sur division.


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