Marvelous #Math Monday 10-07-13

Engagement: How much energy does your fridge consume, and how does this compare to developing countries’ energy use? You might be surprised at the answer to that question. Check out the graph provided in this Washington Post article! Use the opportunity to incorporate sustainable development issues into math!

Critical Thinking: Ratio, proportion, measurement, fractions, decimals, percents…all of this could become part of this Three Act Math Task by Yummy Math! A toy car is compared to a child-sized car in the process of having your students explore what questions they have from the pictures. Great for spatial visualization, measurement, and encouraging students to dig deeper into their reasoning on this! Take it the next step and have students create their own 3-Act Math Task!

Connections: For a very different introduction to the complexities of probability, and a bit of a storyline, check out “The Bear in the Moonlight” series on the Math with Bad Drawings blog. The blogger has a seven-part series on probability with the bear storyline included. Explore certainty, probability, permutations and combinations.

Professional Learning: Are you aware of all the professional development grants that the Manitoba Teachers Society offers? Check out the Grants Page for information and submission deadlines for 2013-2014! Reflective Professional Practice, Equity and Social Justice Initiative, and Aboriginal Issues grants are available.

Ressources en Français: Quand on veut voir que l’image mental de la conception des relatifs marche aussi très bien pour la soustraction, on peut utiliser les vidéos. Ici on a un vidéo qui utilise le principe des « wanted » pour clarifier la volonté de tuer les nombres pour la soustraction.

Aussi, on a un documentaire “A la découverte du code mathématiques qui régit notre monde » . Plus de 58 minutes, on présent « dans le dessin des étamines de plantes que dans les pyramides, les cathédrales ou le corps humain, qui a passionné des générations de mathématiciens depuis l’Antiquité. »


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