Marvelous #Math Monday 09-23-13

Engagement: There are some great videos on Vimeo that can begin or end your class – great discussion starters too! Check these two out: The Power of X (2min, math, mirrors, and patterns!); 3×3 (5 minutes, basketball or…?).

Critical Thinking: How can you encourage students’ thinking with patterns? How can you move them towards symbolic thinking? How can you use games and visuals to do this? All these questions can be answered through Fawn Nguyen’s website “Visual Patterns”. The site highlights patterns in nature, patterns submitted by students, interactive pattern games, and more. The question always asked is “how many (square/cubes) are in step 43?” (Click on “Nature by Numbers” to view a great 4 minute video that is part of the collection on this site!)

Connections: Check out the “Census at School” Canada website. Census at School is an international classroom project “designed to engage students aged 8 to 18 in statistical reasoning, using data collected about themselves and about participating students from around the world.” There are results from many past years of surveys that provide great activation activities for statistics conversations. You can choose to participate with your class(es) in this year’s project – encouraging students to collect data to answer survey questions like How important is saving the environment? And what is your favourite food? And how much pressure do you feel because of schoolwork? And … so much more!

Professional Learning: There are so many blogs, twitter people, websites and goodies that are math-related “out there”, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start – and how to find the time – to explore. Four math teachers have taken this on as a project, and are running a “MathTwitterBlogosphere” exploration online. They will be posting various activities for teachers during the months of October and November, to explore the “cohesive gaggle of obsessed math teachers who take pride in freely sharing the best math teaching ideas”. It’s a great way to get to know some online math people, blogs, twitter feeds, and grow your PLN!

Ressources en Français: The “Census at School” Canada website is available en français! Recensement à l’école est un projet d’enseignement international destiné à introduire le raisonnement statistique aux élèves âgés de 8 à 18 ans en les amenant à recueillir des données sur eux-mêmes et sur d’autres élèves à travers le monde.


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