Get Beyond “I Hate Math” by Lisa Medoff

If you’re a member of ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), you’ve received the latest issue of Educational Leadership.

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Inside this issue is an article by Stanford University’s Lisa Medoff titled “Getting Beyond ‘I Hate Math!’

She suggests multiple ways teachers can help students (of any age) who are frustrated with mathematics. Read the full article for more details (and I do recommend reading the article!), but here’s a quick list of what she suggests teachers can do to help these students:

1. show empathy (it’s about relating!);
2. be confident in your content area (if you’re unsure, your students will be unsure);
3. differentiate! (use many different methods, activities, types of supports);
4. model a growth mindset (it’s about effort, not ability);
5. answer all their questions – even if they repeat themselves – respectfully;
6. emphasize that testing is about determining what is learned and what needs to be learned, not about finding out how “smart” students are (growth mindset again!);
7. make homework intentional and specific, not repetitive busy work;
8. acknowledge each student’s effort(s), re-tool mistakes into learnings (growth mindset again!).

“Getting Beyond ‘I Hate Math!’” by Lisa Medoff in Educational Leadership, September 2013 (Vol. 71, #1, p. 44-48)


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