Marvelous #Math Monday 09-10-13

Engagement: Last year I started a Google spreadsheet that would collect links to engaging games, lessons, problems – and would sort them by Manitoba grade and outcome. Check it out! The current collection includes tarsia puzzles, the revised end-of-grade facts expectations (colour coded chart from Manitoba Education), and sample Year 1 Nursing problems (for high school math teachers interested in showing students what Year 1 Nursing mathematics looks like!). This spreadsheet will grow each week with a new resource added!

Critical Thinking: There are many wonderful teachers blogging and collecting ideas for problem-based learning. There is a Live Binder Collection of video story problems inspired by Dan Meyer’s 3 Act Math Tasks. Those two links, plus the Five Triangles mathematics blog, are my favourite sources of mathematics problems that promote problem solving and critical thinking. Great for MY/SY, be aware that these resources are created in the States so aren’t a perfect mesh with our curriculum – but nevertheless are incredible in their richness of student opportunities to think deeply!

Connections: Looking for a way to connect art and mathematics? Why not explore origami shapes with your students! Check the Origami Fun website for instructions on everything from animals to flowers to simple containers. For SY students, you may want to show them the 15 minute Robert Lang TED Talk on how origami and engineering principles come together to help create space telescopes!

Professional Learning: Sunday evenings at 8pm, Twitter users have an opportunity to “listen in” on #alg1chat, or participate by joining in the tweets/conversation, a group of online teachers discussing math-specific concepts and issues. Check out the #alg1chat wiki for archives of past chats, including last night’s one on Problem Based Learning!

Ressources en Francais: Do you or your students (class) tweet? Want to find out which Canadian classes/teachers are on Twitter? Check out this Google Spreadsheet for a listing of elementary, secondary, and college/university enseignant(e)s et professeurs!


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