Helping Children Master Algorithms

Helping Children Master Algorithms

Manitoba Math Workshop, August 27 2013
Because the second presenter emailed me to express concern regarding live tweeting their portion of the workshop, I have removed all reference to this individual’s portion of the day.

  1. Here for the “Teaching the Standard Algorithms in Math” workshop. Tweets from this workshop will have #mbmath hash…
  2. Workshop participants asked to think of what we value in our math students. #mbmath
  3. Great video to encourage flexible thinking!… #mbmath
  4. Today’s #mbmath workshop slides are available on
  5. 7×8 one of the most difficult math facts to remember for some students. #mbmath…
  6. C. Bilyk walking participants thru using base10 array model of multiplication to algebra tiles array model of algebraic multiplic’n. #mbmath
  7. Multiplication array, extended algorithm, condensed algorithm. #mbmath…
  8. C. Bilyk’s portion of the morning is practical, valuable, applicable. Awesome! #mbmath
  9. Bilyk highlighting how definition of “best” “efficient” way to do math problem is an individual, personal thing. Love! #mbmath
  10. One more pic fr morning. Great way to encourage decimal thinking, estimation skills without using calculator. #mbmath…
  11. Keeps me entertained! “@sorokowskij: thanks for live tweeting these events. Lots of food for thought” #mbmath
  12. I just hilited @ddmeyer “3 act math tasks” to #mbmath group. Great to avoid wordiness of word problems, encourage deep thinking.

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