#mbmath Teaching Math Facts for Understanding and Automaticity

#mbmath Teaching Math Facts for Understanding and Automaticity

August 201

  1. At the “Understanding How to Teach Basic Facts” workshop today. Tweets will have #mbmath hashtag! 4sq.com/16KZI2Z
  2. If you’re on maple4teachers.ca you can access the math facts workshop slide deck! #mbmath
  3. Look in the Mathematics Group Library on Maple for today’s workshop slide deck. #mbmath
  4. Check out Thornton and Brunton’s reflective practice website at teachingexpertise.com #mbmath
  5. Conceptual understanding, procedural thinking, and problem solving all equally important for math. #mbmath
  6. Ts can download from Maple! “@Brad_Burns: New multiplic’n, end of grade, automatic recall expect’ns for MB. twitter.com/Brad_Burns/stat…#mbmath
  7. Need to balance procedural thinking with conceptual understanding. #mbmath
  8. “Faster Isn’t Smarter” a recommended resource for math teacher discussion. store.mathsolutions.com/pro… #mbmath
  9. “If drill is undertaken when counting is the only strategy available, all you get is faster counting.” (Van de Walle) #mbmath
  10. Shout-out was given to @PembinaTrails in today’s #mbmath workshop for excellent parent-friendly math resources. Go Team! @GrahamBruce2
  11. “Math Karate” – reward kids for learning basic math facts by earning white, red, black “belts” (give ribbons). (By Dianne Soltess) #mbmath

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