#mbmath Problem Solving for Trades and Industry

#mbmath Problem Solving for Trades and Industry

Workshop August 2013

  1. Here for the Problem Solving in Mathematics and Industry workshop. Today’s tweets from this workshop will have #mb… 4sq.com/1dvVAI1
  2. The agenda for the #mbmath Problem Solving for Trades and Industry workshop today. #mbedu twitter.com/tjthiessen/stat…
  3. What skills do you need for the Red River College nursing/dosage course? #mbmath twitter.com/tjthiessen/stat…
  4. Red River College nursing does not allow ANY calculators in testing, and NO estimation. #mbmath
  5. Precision (decimal places) crucial for nursing/dosage. #mbmath
  6. RRC nursing instructors highlighting importance of long division algorithm (since no calculators allowed for testing). #mbmath
  7. RRC nursing emphasizing conversions (pounds to kilos, milligrams…) #mbmath
  8. Common problem nurses need mental math and conversion skills to answer. #mbmath twitter.com/tjthiessen/stat…
  9. Formulas need to be memorized, 90% needed to pass, 3 chances max for nursing tests. #mbmath
  10. “Make a mistake, your patient is dead.” “I don’t care if u showed work, it’s wrong, your patient is dead.” Comments from presenter #mbmath
  11. Memorization and quick mental math skills highlighted by nursing instructors from Red River College. #mbmath
  12. 2nd year nursing stats formula sheet given for testing at Red River College. #mbmath twitter.com/tjthiessen/stat…
  13. Required to have PreCalc or Applied for Red River nursing program. #mbmath
  14. Red River College considering math entrance testing for nursing program. #mbmath
  15. Table discussion: lack of memorized skills, motivation not new, but more pronounced with req’t to have gr12 math credit. #mbmath
  16. Problem solving requires both critical thinking and number sense, as well as real life application (context): table discussion. #mbmath
  17. Next up at #mbmath workshop, RRC instructor who teaches basic math and science to RRC students.
  18. Many groups have 6-10 week math and science program in RRC apprenticeship programs – e.g. Boiler maker apprentice. #mbmath
  19. What math skills are involved for pouring cement slab floor for garage? #mbmath
  20. Garage floor skills: “applied math” – volume, measurement, trig (slope, squaring off)… #mbmath
  21. Ratio, rate, proportion, percent, measurement, estimation, application word problems (finding pertinent info) key skills for trades. #mbmath
  22. Critical thinking skills necessary in trades – have to formulate the problem on your own PLUS solve it! #mbmath
  23. Pipe offset shortcuts being discussed – teaches why math shortcut works, not just memorize shortcut. #mbmath twitter.com/tjthiessen/stat…
  24. Grade 10 science required for carpentry at Red River. #mbmath
  25. Trades use Imperial measurements, but if they get a gov’t contract it’s all in metric. Conversions important! #mbmath
  26. Refridgeration, electrical trades require more science than other trades. #mbmath
  27. “Practical Math for…” (Welding, e.g.) and “Mathematics for the Trades” Cdn edition recommended book. #mbmath
  28. Math for the Trades Pearson text recommended. catalogue.pearsoned.ca/educator/produ… #mbmath
  29. Listening to a medical laboratory technologist discuss math needed in applied health sciences. #mbmath
  30. Presenter’s prezi for the afternoon available at prezi.com/0q0cgh7klasx/m… #mbmath
  31. Presenter: “if you don’t use it, you lose it” when it comes to math skills. Lag time to enter uni/college can affect Ss’ skills. #mbmath
  32. Waiting lists for lab tech, nursing, trades, apprenticeship programs affects math skills levels of students. #mbmath
  33. “Essential math does provide a lot of skills Ss need” for programs, but not a prerequisite. (Michele Sykes, Red River College) #mbmath
  34. “Ss should be encouraged to take Essential Math even though not prereq for trades/industry” as better prep (M Sykes, RRC instructor) #mbmath
  35. Exponents, roots, sci not’n, sig. figures, operations, metric, conversions, linear & quad eq’ns, all important skills for trades. #mbmath
  36. Surface area of human needed to determine whether kidneys are functioning properly – cool! #mbmath
  37. Molarity, molality both needed for medical lab technician. #chemistry #mbmath
  38. Me too! Surface area/kidneys mentioned only briefly by presenter but fascinated me! “@eLearningDee: would love to learn more about that!”
  39. “Essential Laboratory Mathematics” text used at Red River College. #Science teachers might check it out! #mbmath twitter.com/tjthiessen/stat…

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