Finnish Lessons August 2013

Finnish Lessons August 2013

Tweets from Pasi Sahlberg workshop in Wpg

  1. CBC Sunday Edition with Michael Enright: Why Finland’s public schools are so successful?…
  2. Thanks for sharing! MT@pasi_sahlberg: If you were in #Winnipeg seminar, here is the slide deck… #mbedu #pasi
  3. Finnish Lessons Aug./13

    “Happiness and wellbeing” primary focus of elementary teachers

    “Think about the world as it isn’t”

    -people trust the public school system (89% overall)
    -effect is no need for stds tests, trust tchrs to develop curriculum and stds
    -claims equality btwn in one levels and education
    -only 4% child poverty rate…universal daycareright of a Child, not of Parent
    -political empowerment of women
    -averaging 3 memberships per person in NGOs

    -Global Education Reform Movement (germs)…competition, standardization, test-based accountability (data focus), choice (school of choice)
    -pasi questions whether these things should be in the drivers seat

    -Finnish way: (germ resistant) collaboration (first seven grades no grading given), personalization (national framework, school based curriculum), trust-based responsibility (only one school-leaving exam, that’s it), equity (rather than parental choice)

    -“accountability is what is left when responsibility is taken away”

    -number one responsibility of supts and principals is to ensure classes are diverse
    -pasi: why has Manitoba math scores decreased over the past decade?
    -one audience answer is that literacy is 1st, math second best particularly in elementary Ed (528, 520, 500 from 2003, 2006, 2009)
    -John Murray: commenting on data from Alberta, Ontario, and how this could give credence to GERM model

    -we don’t ask “how many students are reading at grade level” we ask “how many of the students are reading for fun”
    -OECD equity focus critical
    -confirmed that only public and funded independent schools are part of PISA results
    -Finland receives funding as needed, not per capita
    -must sing to be primary teacher in Finland, automatic disqualification if you can’t
    -8500 applicants, only 700 accepted to education program
    -easier to become teacher of middle years/math in Finland
    -degree is research base, not just course work

    Lunch Break

    -need based funding of schools…right to study in mother tongue for first year while learning Finnish (immigrant children)
    -early childhood development program (not”education”)…every child has a right to high quality daycare…parental leave 12 months, can be divided by parents, most from social security fund
    -one year tuition free preschool optional at age of six
    -special needs education…define special needs differently than us
    -enhanced child well being
    -doctor, psychologist, counsellor in school…access to dental
    -all Finnish children go through screening for special needs at 2.5 and 6 years of age
    -school readiness not about whether child is ready for school, but whether school is ready for all students no matter what their needs
    -compulsory education ends in ninth grade (age 16)
    -general upper secondary school 50%, vocational school/apprenticeship training 45%….no grades, just modules and must complete 75 modules to graduate…typically three years, but must complete by five years
    -dealt with 30% dropout rate
    -60% continue to university or polytechnics … Free, all paid
    -curriculum and standards set by school within national framework
    -teaching and learning “fairly traditional”
    -student assessment … Data housed in schools, divisions, not with government
    -matriculation examination at end of high school, only for academic students
    -minimum of four exams required, can take up to nine or ten

    Pasi’s lessons for Manitoba:
    -strengthen teacher professionalism and leadership
    -make equity a concrete aspect of policy agenda

    Our common challenge
    -think about the problem differently
    -discover the miracle of our mind
    -learn to see the world as it isn’t
    -imagine the future, remember the past
    -define the impossible

    Less formal instruction, more focus on personal learning
    Equal focus on social skills and individual mastery
    Help all young people discover their talents
    More evidence-informed policies and less experimentation on children

  4. I am having great time here in Canada. Idea for you: Write your own Canadian Lessons for the world. What would be your storyline?
  5. Now, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, you need to tell yours to parents, business leaders and the world. @HargreavesBC
  6. Looking forward to hearing @pasi_sahlberg speak tomorrow in #Winnipeg, but know #finnish system not what we truly need for #mbedu.
  7. Challenge to #mbedu bloggers and @mbteachers to take @pasi_sahlberg on and “tell Manitoba’s education story”. What do we Really deal with?!
  8. Only 4% child poverty rate in Finland, 2nd worldwide rank for political empowerment of women. #pasi #mbedu
  9. @pasi_sahlberg @louis_riel_sd The greatest enemy of creativity is standardization… Pasi Sahlberg event
  10. @pasi_sahlberg @louis_riel_sd Accountability is left behind when you take responsibility away… Pasi Sahlberg
  11. “Basic skills like how to study and what to think about their future” focus of EAL school Finland. Interesting def’n of basics. #pasi #mbedu
  12. Finland requires primary teachers to be able to sing – automatic disqualification from Masters program if you can’t. #pasi #mbedu
  13. Universal, free access to daycare crucial to Finnish education equity. #pasi #mbedu
  14. Finnish school required to age 16. High school optional, dual track (acad, vocat’l) & module based (not grade level based.) #pasi #mbedu
  15. Finnish Lessons for #mbedu: “strengthen teacher professionalism and leadership”. #pasi
  16. Finnish lessons for #mbedu: “make equity a concrete aspect of policy agenda.” #pasi
  17. Finnish lessons for #mbedu: “enhance lateral collaboration and learning.” #pasi
  18. Finnish lessons for #mbedu: “invest in empowerment.” Top-down initiatives do not work any more. #pasi
  19. Gerald Farthing, ADM: “We’re already going down these paths, but we can do more.” (Response to #pasi #mbedu)

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