Marvelous #Math Monday 06-24-13

Thank you all for your feedback throughout the past six months of providing what I hope were valuable resources and PD ideas for you at all grade levels and in both English and French.

Look forward to a new look and feel for this resource in 2013-2014.

Engagement: Here’s an 8-minute clip from a Disney production, “Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land“. Great stuff with Donald playing the role of Pythagoras!

Critical Thinking: PBS Newshour has posted an 8 minute news item on a school district in the States that is focusing on Project Based Learning to engage students AND improve test scores. Great story with clips of students, parents, and educators.

Connections: British Columbia has done a wonderful job of creating resources to support First Nations, Metis and Inuit perspectives within classrooms. Check out FNESC, the “First Nations Education Steering Committee” of BC where they have resources for many subject areas, including grade 8 and 9 mathematics units with FNMI perspective.

Professional Learning: Join #cdnedchat on Twitter at 7pm CST tonight for a discussion on First Nations, Metis, and Inuit perspectives in education (FNMI)! It’s a great opportunity to connect with educators across Canada and grow your professional learning network!

And if you’re around on July 20th, there will be an edcamp entirely online! Follow @edcamphome on twitter, or go to the edcamphome website for more information. Why go to a venue when you can stay at home (or at the lake), put your feet up, and use your device(s) for some great innovative professional development?!

Current Research: If you follow our Philippe LeDorze on twitter, you will have caught his tweet highlighting the Conference Board of Canada study which “reveals that knowledge of both official languages is an asset to the Canadian Economy”.

Ressources en Francais: Have you read the latest issue of Education Manitoba (publie par la Division du Bureau de l’education francaise?)


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