Manitoba Math Meeting Day 2 #mbmath

Manitoba Math Meeting Day 2 #mbmath

The second of a two day meeting held by Manitoba Education to share K-8 curriculum revisions and to develop a Numeracy Network. This is a collection of my tweets from May 28 2013 from that meeting

  1. Good morning Twitterverse! Today’s tweets will be from Day 2 of the Manitoba Education Math meeting. Follow along at #mbmath #mbedu
  2. Morning begins with discussion of chapter 1 of “got data? now what?” Table grp again wishing for balance, equity #mbmath
  3. Curriculum revision – grade expectations for end of gr1,2,3 addition #mbmath
  4. Curriculum revision expectations for end of gr4,5 multiplication #mbmath
  5. A lot of discussion on how to announce this “new curriculum” (revisions) for #mbmath.
  6. Six grps breakout: mental math, problem solving, common assess tool, build tchr capacity, and I’m joining differentiated instruction #mbmath
  7. Table discussion very meaningful. Connected with 6 other divisions to discuss guided math, Strong Beginnings. #mbmath
  8. “We need to build capacity with both teachers and leaders.” (Sherry Perih, MB Ed) #mbmath
  9. Timely.”@pasi_sahlberg: Great need for “Finnish Lessons” in Israel. Too much focus on testing, standardisation, too little trust in schools”
  10. IMO, very little. 🙂 RT@MsWelbergen: So what does this mean? How does this change what is happening in classrooms?
  11. It’s about nudging, not mandating or shoving. RT@GreatestQuotes: “To lead the people, walk behind them.” – Lao Tzu #mbmath #mbedu
  12. Reading thru K-8 #mbmath revisions tonite, all incredibly minor adjustments, Number strand. Why 2-day session on it?
  13. @tjthiessen exactly. Has the conversation at this meeting been focused on testing or on day-to-day assessment? #mbmath
  14. Astute Q. Testing. RT@MsAKonrad: exactly. Has the conversation at this meeting been focused on testing or on day-to-day assessment? #mbmath
  15. Astute again. Right now they don’t but need to. RT@MsAKonrad: Mod as option & how mod’s affect assessment. Where do these kids fit? #mbmath
  16. @MsAKonrad thankful the #mbmath consultants emphasize daily, and formative assessments. Wish Minister of Ed was as astute.

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