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If you’re interested in exploring how math might look using the flipped classroom approach, check out “ManitobaDigM” blog posts. A group of teachers from St.James-Assiniboine School Division and Pembina Trails School Division worked collaboratively in 2013 – this blog shows the ever-growing collection of the results of this project.


As educators, we’re constantly creating and sharing resources that we utilize to support the teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms and schools on a daily basis.  Yet, oftentimes, we only design those resources for use with one group of students at one given time.  And, unfortunately, access to these resources is often limited to only those students who we are directly teaching.

In this day and age, it’s simple to create and share resources that can more effectively meet the needs of ALL our students.  Furthermore, our reach isn’t limited to only those students in our traditional classrooms within a clearly defined timeframe.  As educators, we’d all benefit from sharing the resources that we create much more transparently and with a broader audience.

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve seen with many of the teachers whom I work with is a reluctance to share the good…

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