Marvelous #Math Monday 05-27-13

Focus Area #1: Engagement
The Art of Mathematics: The BBC News has created a slideshow of “visual representations of mathematical theory known as dynamical systems”. MY teachers, don’t let this dissuade you from checking out the images! Useful for shape and space discussions at MY, and wonderful for SY discussions of math career possibilities that students might not know even exist.

Focus Area #2: Critical Thinking
How Much Money Is That?: It’s a picture of a HUGE stash of money (from drug busts). Great for estimation skills and discussion! There’s also a news clip on the drug bust, plus a picture of the money recovered. (Teachers, preview the video before using in class!)

Dictionary of Numbers: This is a Google Chrome extension that tries to make sense of everyday numbers you encounter “by giving you a description of that number in human terms”. For instance, if you enter “8 million people” into this, it will respond with “the population of New York City”. Interesting concept to spark estimation conversations, and the influence of culture on the answers provided by the Dictionary.

Focus Area #3: Connections
Classroom Portraits: “TESconnect” has a collection of classroom “portraits” from around the world, showing the inside of classrooms from Afghanistan to Yemen to Germany and everything in between. You can use the images to explore the mathematics behind it all, or merely to spark discussion around similarities and differences. What picture shows the most unique classroom? What makes it unique? Which classroom do you want to visit? Why? If you could design your own learning space, what would it look like?

Focus Area #4: Professional Learning
mathagogy: A website has just been set up to create and share 2 minute videos on math pedagogy. There is a signup link there which continues to grow. Great opportunities to use these videos in math program team meetings as discussion starters, particularly the videos that will be submitted by Dan Meyer, James Tanton, Christopher Danielson, and Fawn Nguyen. Keep watching this site as it develops!

Focus Area #5: Current Research
For a side-by-side comparison of teacher versus student use of technology, check out the “Digital Natives” story from MERN Journal volume 3 2009 (page 50 onwards). Full publication available here. It provides interesting statistics on the use of computers and handhelds, with the comparison of teacher to student an interesting one. I wonder what these stats would look like in 2013?

MERN (Manitoba Education Research Network) produces the MERN Journal series annually.

Focus Area #6: Ressources en Francais
Le ruban de mobius: m@ths et tiques has once again provided an interesting blog post, this time on the Mobius strip. It includes historical progression to gorgeous graphics (including at least one animated graphic).


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