Marvelous #Manitoba #Math Monday 05-20-13

Happy Math “Monday” to you all… All of today’s links feature Manitoba in some way. This went out via email at the beginning of the week – sorry for the delay in uploading to the blog!

Focus Area #1: Engagement
Math on the Move: How many of you remember the work Sandi Ferguson, Blair Morden, and a group of teachers did creating Smart Notebook lessons using backwards design and the Manitoba grades 4-8 curricular outcomes? How many of you remember that what was created was all uploaded to a wiki? There are a lot of engaging lessons, many created by teachers still working in Pembina Trails School Division, on Patterns, Algebra, Number Theory, Fractions, Decimals… worth looking at and using (again)!

Focus Area #2: Critical Thinking
Math Zone: (MY) One way to have students hone their critical thinking skills in mathematics is to have them participate in a class blog. There are many examples of classroom blogs out there, one of them being the Grade 8 “Math Zone” from Sargent Park. They use their blog to collect math resource links, discuss homework, and involve parents in conferences.

A Difference: (SY) For an example of high school class blogging that’s specific to various Manitoba courses, Darren Kuropatwa’s blog contains links to five years’ worth of past class blogs from Precalculus, Applied, and Consumer Mathematics.

Focus Area #3: Connections
now: The city of Winnipeg has just activated a new website called “now”. This website includes “text, dynamic maps (of various kinds), charts, graphs, story viewers, and image galleries. The information can be dynamically browsed, searched, and filtered”. The site includes Statistics Canada census information and interactive links, plus much more. A great resource for math projects and connections to local community info!

Focus Area #4: Professional Learning
UofM Visionary Conversation: The University of Manitoba has featured a string of conversations “where leading minds share their insight on issues affecting our world and how the decisions we make today will shape our future.” This Wednesday at 7pm, the Visionary Conversation is about “Our Education System: The Good, the Bad, and the Solutions”. Featured speakers include Rodney Clifton, Marlene Atleo, Marni Brownell, and our very own Joycelyn Fournier-Gawryluk! Held at St. John’s College on the UofM campus, and streamed live, you can find more information about the event and the live webcast.

Focus Area #5: Current Research
“We…intend to strive with flexibility, perseverance, and optimism to improve the lot of oft-neglected talented, at-risk children and youth who – if given hope, happiness, and half a chance – have the ability to make tremendous contributions in their countries and beyond.” (Lost Prizes: Manitoban and International Initiatives to Identify and Develop the Talents of At-Risk Populations, Ken McCluskey et al, MERN Monograph series 2012. Full publication available.)

MERN (Manitoba Education Research Network) produces the MERN Monograph series on an occasional publication basis. The focus is more in-depth than the MERN Journal, and provides summaries of current Manitoba educational research. The most recently published monograph on “Lost Prizes” focuses on at-risk populations in education, various programs attempting to address their needs, and an analysis of their success.

Focus Area #6: Ressources en Francais
Mathematiques (Manitoba Education): Manitoba Education collects and maintains ressources en francais for immersion teachers of mathematics. Resources are also specific to intermediaires et secondaires.


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