#NCTMDenver and Best Laid Plans…

On Tuesday, I posted a list of workshop sessions I was hoping to attend at NCTM’s Annual Meeting in Denver. Best laid plans sometimes change, and mine did. I plan to write a few posts on specific sessions, but thought I’d first post a listing of what I ended up attending:

1. The Math behind the Heavens and Earth (historical understanding of cosmos thru math) – great presentation by Gary Rubinstein and awesome connections for grades 10-12 math classes! Handouts and video available here. (Thanks for sharing, Gary!) I’ve done a recap of the session too.
2. Developing a Growth Mindset in Struggling Math Students (this was a *switch* for me from my original pick of “Proportional Reasoning: Creating Viable Arguments thru Inquiry and Investigation”) – session led by Dr. David Dockterman (Harvard Graduate School of Education). A charismatic presenter, I found myself walking away frustrated with the content. Stay tuned for a blog post on this one.
3. Math Journal: Jump Start Student Reflections – session led by John Schnatterly (Math Teacher, Central Park East HS, NY). I will blog about this session – some good details for those new to blogging and how to implement this in a math class.
4. Keeping it Real: Teaching Math Through Real World Topics – session led by Karim Kai Ani of Mathalicious. Loved the session, loved the examples given, and love the website. Definitely blogging about this session too!
5. Increasing Equity Awareness and Transforming Practice – session led by Don Balka of TODOS: Mathematics for ALL. This was a frustrating and disappointing session for me. Stay tuned for a blog post.
6. Keynote by Mayim Bialik: The Power of One Teacher – this session was videotaped and posted on the NCTM site.


1. How Big is a Carbon Footprint – some good resources were handed out, including an online link, but it’s currently not working. Hoping to blog about this session and have a working link of resources on this one!
2. Essential Mindsets for Tilling the Soil for the CCSS (another *switch* out of Singapore Visual Models to Reason and Make Sense of Problems) – session led by Steven Leinwand of the American Institutes for Research. A powerful speaker, the “Chuck Norris of Mathematics” according to Dan Meyer, he has both charisma as well as content to his presentation. Definitely a blog post coming on this session.
3. Reaching Students of Various Abilities through Flipping – well, technically I attended this one, but was waiting in the hallway as it was full. Gave up after 15 minutes of hopeful waiting, but heard thru Twitter that what they presented I was already familiar with – so I guess nothing lost there!
4. Scan it, Solve it, Show it (QR codes in math) – session led by two individuals from the Teaching and Learning Collaborative in Columbus Ohio. Fascinating way of using QR codes with children’s books on math to have multiple layers of literacy and numeracy in math class!
5. Journal article writing, journal refereeing – listened in on how to become a journal article writer for NCTM’s publications and how to avoid potential pitfalls. NCTM has provided uploaded videos of each of these mini sessions.
6. Powerful Online Tools to Promote Powerful Math (Desmos calculator demo) – session was fantabulous! Definitely blogging about this one!
7. MOTO: NCTM’s first online tool with lessons for RtI Math Students in grades K-2 – though my focus is middle and senior years, I listened in to determine whether there will be MY and SY tools coming soon for RtI in math from NCTM. Short answer – yes!


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