Marvelous #Math Monday 03-11-13

Focus Area #1: Engagement
Puzzle of the Week: A math teacher in the U.K. has been posting at least one puzzle/problem every week for the past year. There’s an absolutely amazing collection of puzzles (middle years to high school level) ready for perusing.

Brain Genie: The Brain Genie website has an awesome collection of online questions. Students can test their skills in grades 1-8 maths, algebra, precalculus, biology, chemistry, and physics. Though you do need to create an account to access all the questions, signing up is free!

Focus Area #2: Critical Thinking
Twitter, Tweets, and Language: Ever stop to wonder just how many tweets (limited to 140 characters in length) are possible in the English language? Or another language? Or how much mathematics is trapped in this exploration? This blogger has. You can follow his critical thinking process, a great opportunity for high school students to contemplate his reasoning and choose to agree or disagree (and there are blog posts out there that disagree with this result!).

Focus Area #3: Connections
Technology & Maths: There’s a wonderfully laid out online project where students can explore a particular area of technology and investigate the role of mathematics in it. The site contains the entire project (with steps for student research, details on jobs of students within research groups, rubrics and all).

Pi Day!: This Thursday is Pi Day! An unbelievable collection of facts, activities, resources, videos, songs, for any and all grade levels, can be found here. Wow, what a collection! (My favourite is still the “PiDay5K” and the “Diameter Dash”!)

Focus Area #4: Professional Learning
MERN Math Session: The Manitoba Education Research Network is holding an “Inquiry into Mathematics Education” session this Friday at the University of Manitoba. I highlighted this PD opportunity a couple of weeks ago. Though registration for this event has closed, you can still peruse the program. I hope to attend sessions 1B (struggling maths learners), 2B (aboriginal mathematics), and 3B (literature and math).

For the Love of Maths: Want to hang out with a bunch of people who love math? Want to share something cool/neat/interesting you found or are doing? Winnipeg has a “MathsJam” meetup the second-last Tuesday of every month! (Don’t know what “MathsJam” is? Click here for details!)

Focus Area #5: Current Research
Myth: ‘An intelligence is the same as a learning style, a cognitive style, or a working style.’ …Little evidence exists that a person who evinces a style in one milieu or with one content or test will necessarily do so with other diverse contents. And even less basis exists for equating style with intelligences.” (Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century, Howard Gardner, Basic Books 1999, pp.83-84)

Howard Gardner wrote many papers, and quite a few books, on multiple intelligences. Though “Intelligence Reframed” was written in 1999, many educators (and researchers) have forgotten its contents. Gardner addresses concerns he has over incorrect implementation of multiple intelligences theory (as indicated by an entire chapter devoted to myths), as well as pathways forward. In the current climate of popular researchers claiming multiple intelligences theory is invalid, this is a book worth (re)reading.

Focus Area #6: Ressources en Francais
Blog enseignant des maths: This is a wonderful blog by a mathematics teacher, almost entirely en francais. I absolutely love his self-made “problemes ouverts et d’estimations” videos. His most recent posting of an open-ended problem video explores sunglasses. So many goodies on this website, so many short videos to activate and encourage true open-ended problem solving en francais!


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