#Etmooc Experience So Far…growth, fear, and…

  1. I joined. I blogged. More than once. But I didn’t get up the nerve to contribute to the lipdub. Even though I tweeted that I wanted to…
  2. I participated in two #etmchat’s, and I’ve lurked in two more. Even participated live in a Blackboard session with Sue Waters. Never would have happened without Twitter nudges from seven different #etmooc participants.
  3. Warning to all my followers: I will be tweeting prolifically btwn 6-7pm CST. #etmchat #etmooc #apologies #excited #digitalstorytelling
  4. I blogged some more. I used http://about.me and Storify. I grew my PLN. I commented on other #etmooc blogs and started following some blogs,
  5. I shared what I’ve been doing on Twitter and in this #etmooc with my school district’s Leadership Council. We ended up having our first ever “Smackdown”. FETC regularly has tech smackdowns.
  6. My contribution to our Leadership Council’s Smackdown…
  7. . @tjthiessen is presenting about the power of twitter and hashtags to PTSD admin. Awesome. #mbedu
  8. Powerful ending to our Smackdown was in video format…
  9. Smackdown ended with this video: What most schools don’t teach (by CodeOrg) | beingjc.tumblr.com/post/441… #PTSDschools #edugood
  10. Rummaged through archives of Audrey Watters’ session and the #etmchat on data ownership. Still contemplating the ramifications. And pondering the powerful female voice for critical thinking that is Audrey Watters.
  11. Recording of @audreywatters‘ session on “Who owns your Ed Data?” for #etmooc is now available. sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?p… #etm
  12. Getting more excited about the connectivity of Twitter and the power of my Twitter PLN, I agreed to help plan Winnipeg’s first Edcamp.
  13. @EdCampWPG June 1st! MT@HeidiSiwak: #edcampham open 4registration. All voices invited 2convo abt ed. edcamphamilton.ca/ #mbedu #edchat
  14. Realize there’s still a few challenges or goals I want to meet through this #etmooc experience, including creating video(s). This post is one attempt at holding myself accountable to that particular goal. Part procrastination. Part fear. Well, mostly fear. (Why do videos feel more ominously permanent than blog posts for me?)

    What goals have you met thru your #etmooc experience? What have you got to push yourself to do/create? Let’s talk!


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  1. erinluong says:

    Loved this post and how PLN’s inspire confidence

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