My Twitter PLN – 7 (or 8) Hashtag Connections

Connecting with educational leaders around the world is so incredibly easy via Twitter. I love how many opportunities there are to have conversations about literally any topic, at any time of day or night. Whether I’ve “lurked” in chat sessions or participated actively, these opportunities for educational discourse using social media continue to push me to grow in my leadership, technology, mathematics, and education thinking.


My top seven hashtags I follow (and use in my tweets) are listed below. They aren’t the only hashtags I follow – especially now that I joined a MOOC (so my eighth hashtag I’d add would be #etmooc..this one is really challenging me to grow in my technology skills and growing my global PLN!). That’s the one that’s pushed me the most (and the most recently), but all the ones below continue to provide me with many opportunities to grow my PLN online and challenge my thinking.

#21stedchat – 21st Century Educators…the live Twitter chat occurs Sundays at 7pm CST, and their 21stedchat blog archives past chats as well as contains a collection of resources and people connected to this chat.

#cpchat – Connected Principals is an incredibly valuable resource both in following the hashtag stream as well as the collection of ideas and strategies and leadership-focused topics on the Connected Principals blog.

#edchat – though this is a chat that occurs via Twitter on Tuesdays, I tend to use this hashtag in some of my tweets to help start conversations with other educators about various topics in education. There’s a detailed blog post describing edchat available.

#edtech – technology for education purposes. This is a great hashtag to follow on Twitter to glean all sorts of ideas, resources, apps, and people connections with a focus on educational technology.

#geniushour – This Twitter chat happens once a month, first Wednesday of the month at 8pm CST, about “genius” learning. Students are given a time period where they can choose what they want to learn–being productive and creative as they learn what they love. There is also a geniushour wikispace. Both the live chats and the wiki are incredibly useful. See my blog post on Geniushour for other articles and Google’s approach to this.

#mathchat – chat platform for maths teachers. The mathchat wiki has details on when chats occur, as well as an archive of past chats and other goodies. Whether you participate in the chat live via Twitter or peruse the archives and wiki, it’s a wonderful resource for mathematics teachers of all grade levels.

#mbedu – This is the hashtag to follow for tweets coming from Manitoba educators and leaders. Add this to your tweets so you can join the provincial conversations on Twitter!

What hashtags do you follow or use? Let’s talk!


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