#Mathchat Thursday

I missed tonight’s mathchat on algorithms, and wanted to collect some of the tweets. Our Manitoba curriculum is currently under revision…I’m hoping the teaching of multiple algorithms stays in it. We’ll see…

  1. This week’s topic is: “How do I teach algorithms without quashing student thinking and creativity?” #mathchat
  2. #mathchat There r several good applications& visual explorations that can teach algorithms & inspire creativity Ex: napmath.wordpress.com/2012/…
  3. #mathchat @DaveRosoff Does the purpose of function of algorithms have to be explored, rather than the teaching of specific examples then?
  4. @DianaPuffer We want to help students to think and to convince them that they CAN think on their own. #mathchat
  5. #mathchat Here’s the main web site for the current round of TIMSS studies: bit.ly/T6ODCa
  6. The problem with algorithms is that to many Ss are inclined to ignore all else. “I didn’t read that because it wasn’t in a box” #mathchat
  7. @ColinTGraham An effective use of an algorithm: Solve a problem with the algorithm & then dig into it to discover WHY it worked. #mathchat
  8. @ColinTGraham Pushing algorithms at the expense of reasoning defeats the purpose of math education. #mathchat
  9. How do people feel about students needing to learn the “standard” algorithm versus one that works for the student? #mathchat
  10. #mathchat @NAPmath For me, algorithms are well-defined instructions which can always be successfully applied in a particular situation…
  11. #mathchat The tough thing is teaching older students to reason when all they have learned is how to use algorithms.
  12. #mathchat @DianaPuffer Effective (=works always). Efficient may be more difficult to achieve without proper understanding of concept though
  13. #mathchat How much do we “validate” the algorithms used in mental arithmetic vs those where paper & pencil and/or calculators are used?
  14. @Juice211 I would rather have a student walk away with many tools in their toolbox they can use than one with “high grades” #mathchat

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