Genius Hour – 21st Century Learning (and Working!)

What if…

What if you had one hour a week to explore something you’re passionate about?

What if your employer fully supported this during your work time?

What if your teacher fully supported this during your learning time?

What could happen if educators embraced this?

This concept is not new. Google “Genius Hour” or cruise the hashtag #geniushour on Twitter and you’ll get oodles of resources. To get you started, here are three things worth reading and watching:

1. Daniel Pink’s article on how 60 minutes a week can electrify your job;

2. Shannon Deegan’s video on how Google’s 20% time fosters innovation (see below);

3. Gallit Zvi’s post on how she incorporates Genius Hour into her grade 6/7 classroom.

Are you using Genius Hour or a similar concept in your classroom? in your staff meetings? in your professional development workshops? Let’s talk!


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