Marvelous #Math Monday 02-11-13

Focus Area #1: Engagement
Prezi for Math Problems: Looking for ways to change up your problem-solving routine? Looking for a new tool to use in math class/lessons? Want to introduce students to a flexible presentation tool and how it can be used in math? Check out this great example of how to use Prezi with word problems. A great conversation starter with students…they’ll probably come up with a dozen more online tools to use in maths classes!

Focus Area #2: Critical Thinking
The Futility Closet: “The Futility Closet” is a great website for senior years (and sometimes middle years too) students to dig deep into math and science concepts. It offers a collection of puzzles, videos, pictures, and math strategies for you to contemplate their validity. An excellent resource to go beyond memorization and deep into understanding, you can find these puzzles and goodies here. The individual running this site posts at least once a day, so the collection is constantly growing!

Focus Area #3: Connections
When Will I Use This Math?: It’s a typical question students ask, and one that we regularly answer with solid real-life examples. Rasmussen College has come up with an infographic comparing careers, number of math concepts needed, and median annual salaries. This infographic is interesting to skim, but also interesting to explore more in depth – like the median salaries and whether there’s a connection/correlation to mathematics needed, not to mention a discussion of where Rasmussen gleaned data to create the infographic!

Focus Area #4: Professional Learning
MTS Professional Development Grants: Applications for MTS PD Grants are now being accepted for 2013-2014. Complete details can be found here. Form a PLC, fill out an application for a grant – who knows where it will lead!

ManACE TIN: Heard about the ManACE TIN (Tech Innovation Night) session coming up on February 19th? Check it out here and scroll down the page for details – Minecraft (yes this can be used in maths classes too!), Discovery Education, and Social Media in the Classroom! One evening of food, tech fun, and collegial connections!

Focus Area #5: Current Research
“There needs to be a major shift from an over reliance on surface information…(to) relational questions (which) require learners to impose an organizing pattern on the given material. Elaborative or extended abstract responses require the learner to go beyond…(to) construct notions or ideas that then shape the ways they engage in surface and deep learning” (Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement, John Hattie, Routledge 2009, pp.28-29, emphasis mine.)

Hattie’s book was ground-breaking upon its release, as it summarized 30 years of research to show what the most effective things were that teachers, schools, administrators, and parents could do to improve student learning. The rest of February’s Math Monday emails will feature quotes from this book.

Focus Area #6: Ressources en Francais
Paper.Li en Francais: Check out tangomanfromqc’s online paper for a daily collection of “Education en Francais au Canada” stories, videos, resources. If you are on Twitter, it’s Steve Roy in Vancouver who has set up this online newspaper. He tweets in both French and English!


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