Marvelous #Math Monday 01-21-13

I’ve been sending out a collection of mathematics goodies every Monday via email, and only just now realized that it would be a great idea to load them to my blog. So, today I will upload three “Math Monday” collections…even though it’s not Monday…and I will get into the habit of uploading my Math Monday collections every Monday (starting next Monday – grin). Enjoy!

Marvelous Math Monday
Inaugural Edition: 01/21/13

Focus Area #1: Engagement
Video: An “oldie but a goodie”, this is a 2.5 minute YouTube clip of Costello proving to Abbott that 13×7=28. It can be used as a wonderful discussion piece for students who already have some multiplication understanding.

Focus Area #2: Critical Thinking
The 4 4s Problem: “How many of the numbers from 1 through 100 can you create using four 4’s and any combination of mathematics symbols?” This is a wonderful activity, great to start individually and then to bring students into groups to continue the discussion. Lots of resources are available on the internet for this as examples, including this link as one example. Plus, this problem works at many grade levels, and can be ongoing throughout the term/year (bulletin board display…”if you build it, they will…” contribute!)

Focus Area #3: Connections
The Year for Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013: “More than 100 scientific societies, universities, research institutes, and organizations have…dedicated 2013 as a special year.” There is an official MPE2013 website which will continually add resources – great opportunity to incorporate science, sustainability, geography, pandemics, climate change into your mathematics curricula!

Focus Area #4: Professional Learning
Axis Highlights: There is a new section to Axis online! The Program menu now has “SY Mathematics” in the drop-down choices. The area is under construction, with the intent of having sections for each of grades 9 through 12 Mathematics as well as general resources, research, and professional learning items.
Of course, the Middle Years section still exists – you can find all sorts of resources there, including Mathematics! (Thanks to Sandra Ferguson for those resources!)

Focus Area #5: Current Research
“The basis for building a conceptual understanding of mathematics is providing deep and thorough definitions of key concepts. …Students can get by without a conceptual definition of multiplication if they know their multiplication facts.” (The Problem With Math is ENGLISH, Concepcion Molina, Jossey-Bass 2012, p.42 – emphasis mine.)

Molina’s book provides great practical examples of getting beyond memorization and “getting by” in mathematics to that deeper conceptual understanding for students. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a book study for your professional growth plan or math team meetings!


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