A Taste of Tonight’s #etmchat Experience

  1. LEGO Movie app! Def (re)shapes! MT@etmooc: Q4 What tech tools can we use 2create dig stories? Do these tools reshape/change story? #etmchat
  2. RT @librarymall: We need to teach the verbs of storytelling & not just the tech Tech will change tradition of story remains #sd36learn
  3. A6 – and how to have our students who don’t have access/tech tools publish their story? #equality #balance #etmchat
  4. Digital Publishing Tools on libguide at Springfield Township High School Virtual Library ow.ly/husFF #etmchat
  5. Cacophony…symphony? RT@maha__abed: what if u translated this into actual dialogue in real-time, capture it on film? #etmchat
  6. RT @susanvg: @tjthiessen @MxAlvrz @suewaters Rule of thumb here – no more than 2 identifiers and the school is already 1. #etmchat
  7. q7) A Google Scholar search on “digital storytelling in learning” appears to offer great resources #etmchat
  8. @IslandAlli yes Storify is an excellent way to review later and to make sense of information through Twitter feed… #etmchat
  9. .@animoto is another fantastic tool for digital storytelling. Offers educators accounts too. animoto.com/ #etmooc #etmchat
  10. @DimitrisTzouris Thanks for highlighting @animoto! I forgot about it – used it in past, must resurrect again! #etmchat
  11. Great resource: RT @robinwb: Evaluating the effectiveness of digital storytelling for student reflection ow.ly/hutlI #etmchat
  12. Goodnight everyone, and thanks for another great. See you next week at this same time! #etmchat go #TvsZ !!

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