Last year brought some significant projects to a close for me, and introduced some new significant projects. I successfully defended my thesis, officially graduating with a Master in Educational Administration in February. The completion of this freed up time for me to pursue other interests. I trained to successfully complete a 10K race in June, finishing with a personal best time of 1 hour 33 minutes. I successfully applied for grants to allow Oakenwald School the opportunity to have a wonderful day of activities for grades 3-6 students, fully provided by Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

In September, I signed up for two rather large time commitments – first, a commitment to the iPEC international professional energy coaching training program through my school district. This involves many layers of reading, workshops, online coaching course work, and group telephone conversations. The second time commitment involved joining the Healthy Role Models autumn challenge – a group designed for women to support each other in setting personal food, health, and physical goals and following through on them. Both iPEC and HRM continue for me in this new year.

Not being big on resolutions for the new year, I do want to put in writing what my goals continue to be:
1. more joy – at work, at home, in life – intentional planned, and spontaneous, opportunities for joy
2. better health – the HRM group helped me get better at meal planning so I felt better and more energetic at work – let the meal planning continue!
3. more opportunities – intentionally seeking out more grant opportunities for Oakenwald School to support STEM and sustainability projects.

This is a quick post, but it’s the beginning (again) of what I hoped to begin last year – more regular blogging. Happy new year, everyone!

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Let’s Talk … (I’m Back)

It’s January 25th 2017, #BellLetsTalk day.

So – let’s talk.

It’s been almost three years since I blogged regularly (weekly). Those of you who know me well, will know why my blogging came to an almost complete stop. Without going into details, I will simply say this: I felt bullied. Bullied over some of my blog posts. Bullied to stop blogging. Bullied to the point of almost deleting this entire blog site. But I didn’t.

In the interests of this day that encourages talking about mental health, I am continuing with regular blog posts. Blogging grew my already existing passions of mathematics and leadership. Blogging helped my mental health. So this blog will become active again. Beginning with this post – tonight.

This time – I won’t allow any and all comments. Comments will be curated. Positive, productive comments will be approved. Those that do not fit that category will be denied. My decision – my blog.

The reasons for this blog, and my philosophy, remain the same:
What does it mean to educate? to be educated? to teach? to learn?
This is a space for personal reflection on the answers to those questions, within the world of social media. I invite comments as I explore my thoughts in the online realm.

My Philosophy? Summed up, it’s this:
Education is, and should be, joy-filled. The joy of learning, of teaching, of interacting with young learners, of interacting with adult learners – staff and students.

Joyful. Joy-filled. Joyous.

This will be a *safe space* for my reflections. I welcome all who wish to engage both positively and productively.

Continuing my journey of joy,


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Mission Possible


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